The Drugs Don’t Work

            This Newsweek article by Kurt Eichenwald, discusses the controversy regarding the over use of antibiotic drugs which cause a medical emergency of bacterial diseases that are not able to be cured. These diseases are becoming an increased issue that is being spread around the world. The question surrounding Eichenwald’s article: Do these antibiotics work as well as we believe they do?

            This article was introduced with an endearing story of a young girl who was a victim to the over use of antibiotics and was forced to endure many painful tolls spent over a long period of time in the hospital. Eichenwald was trying to grasp the reader’s attention and provide an emotional appeal to help the reader understand how significant this issue has become.  Throughout the article the writer did a good job incorporating supportive facts and many quotes to help provide outside perspectives.

            However, even with the high risk of over used antibiotics, it is still very beneficial and greatly depended on by doctors to prevent post-operational infection. According to this article, some diseases are progressively becoming more immune to antibiotics. As the article continues, the large amount of information becomes more scattered and difficult to follow the topic. It could have been organized better and the information could have been written under sub headings. After the story of Addie was told, it became more difficult to focus on the idea behind the article as the information continued.

After analyzing Eichenwald’s article, the information could have been more condensed and clearly stated whether or not antibiotics are affecting people in a positive way. It took Eichenwald too long to answer the main question behind this article and his points did not further explain the events to come in the future to help decrease this issue.    The article concluded by Eichenwald with a statement about government input and closed briefly after a short explanation that this situation may only be dealt with after losing ‘prominent’ lives and shocking the public. Government input will only be used after this issue becomes overwhelming and plays a larger role in society. This conclusion could have been expanded further. These are all things that I can only assume or go elsewhere to read more details about the increasing issue.  



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